Friday, March 27, 2009

Detective In Stairwell

I forgot to tell you. The great uncle of one of my undergrads was in the movies. He came up with the idea for, cowrote, co-directed, and starred as the lead in a 1959 monster movie called THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON. I must say the undergrad seemed rather dismissive of THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON, though she brought it up unprompted. If MY great uncle had conceived, written, and directed something called THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON I would watch it over and over and talk about it all the time. By the way, I learn through the powers of the "internet" that this same great uncle appeared as "Detective In Stairwell" on an episode of "blog" fave KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER. And now, I give you - hear me! - NOT a clip, but the WHOLE movie. When the undergrad said I could watch it on youtube, she wasn't kidding. I give you THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON: