Friday, March 20, 2009

Watch Out! For Adorability, That Is!

We take a brief break from our ongoing groundhog coverage to bring you this news from the world of monkeys, one of our other favorite subjects. As you may recall, I have long been an advocate of just lazily "clicking" around from "link" to "link" until you find what you were looking for all your life. As far as I can tell, this may be the best thing about the "internet." So I was over on when I "clicked" on a "link" that led me to another "link" and so on and so forth until I came face to face with this monkey adorably brandishing the most cunning little straight razor. You will note that the cover featuring said monkey is for a book by Robert Walser, a writer whose brilliance I have extolled on this very "blog." Another coincidence is this: Theresa and I once watched and much enjoyed a George A. Romero horror movie called MONKEY SHINES, which features just such a little fellow wielding a similar instrument with a dexterity that perhaps should not surprise us. Monkeys are dexterous!