Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Eyeliner Guy and Fischler

Tonight on LOST, the character "Sawyer" referred to the character "Richard" as "the guy with eyeliner," which is almost exactly how Dr. "M." has referred to that character in "blog" entries of years gone by! We can only conclude that the creators and cast of LOST have been following Dr. "M.'s" thoughts here with great interest. In other news, "blog" "fave" Patrick Fischler showed up on tonight's episode. Now I will demand Fischler in all my TV shows. Fischler! (Pictured, Eyeliner Guy and Fischler, which sound like a great title for a dramedy about a pair of mismatched cops who are forced to partner up.) PS. This just in: Says the guy who plays Eyeliner Guy: "I could see why some people would think I have eyeliner on because [my eyelashes] are dark. Especially the bottom row, they're pretty dark." Thanks, Entertainment Weekly! Who else is going to ask the big questions? Besides the "blog" I mean?