Friday, March 13, 2009

What's Wrong

I think there's something wrong with me. Last night I was getting sleepy and couldn't stay up to watch my usual FRASIER reruns. According to the capsule description provided by the satellite company, the first one was about the high jinks that ensue when "Frasier hires a butler who spoils everyone." Well, how could I miss that? So I recorded it with my handy dvr! And in the cold morning light I had to ask myself if it is really necessary to dvr a FRASIER rerun. They come on all the time! Has excessive convenience corrupted my soul? This is a question I had. And also, why was I so eager to see the one (which I can't recall seeing before though surely I have) in which "Frasier hires a butler who spoils everyone"? The temporary butler, obtained under amusing circumstances, is a sitcom staple. I remember when Andy Griffith hired a butler, who was played by the same guy who played Dr. Bombay on BEWITCHED (Bernard Fox, pictured, whose name I perhaps sadly had at my fingertips and did not even need to look up). A butler in Mayberry! And when Jerry and George pitched a sitcom-within-a-sitcom on SEINFELD, it involved a butler as I recall. But yes, there's something wrong with me, I think. I am going to send this "post" to our "blog's" FRASIER expert, Kelly Hogan, for analysis. PS: Allow me to mention that if you "click" on the name "Dr. Bombay" above, you will be delighted to find that the "link" has an audio component of the particular type treasured by McNeil.