Monday, March 23, 2009

Venerable Sluggo

It behooves me to note that yesterday's illustration was not the first appearance of the venerable character Sluggo on the "blog." Previously, there was this ("click" and see). Speaking of yesterday's "post," Tom Franklin and I had an interesting exchange about the spelling of its word "brooch." It sure is an odd one, "brooch" is. Wow, wouldn't you love to have been a fly on the wall during that conversation? Well, now you can, thanks to the existence of "blogging." (Side note: I "blog" so much that the "blogger" people once again suspect me of being an evil spam robot, which may slow down my "blogging" rate for a few days.) Anyway, I told Tom he should write a romance novel called HELL AT THE BROOCH. See, that's funny because his first novel was called HELL AT THE BREECH. Get it? That's just a small example of all the fun Tom and I tend to have, horsing around and such. (Side note: in an earlier version of this "post" I misspelled "breech" as "breach." Isn't life fascinating?) Breech, breach, broach and brooch. Those are funny words. Words are funny! By coincidence, that fish in the previous Sluggo illustration may be broaching! And I didn't even mean to do that. "Blogging" is "great"!