Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brazil With An S

Greetings from Brasil, where they spell it with an S. Our guide is Tom Franklin, who currently resides in Brasil, for a little segment we like to call "Brazil With An S." Take it away, Tom! Tom reports: "Today visiting a Brasilian farm I walked out along a cobblestone road and looked up. There wasn't one, weren't two, not three, four, five, six but like fifty giant spiders, all bigger than the biggest spider in Mississippi by quite a stretch. These things were like brooches with legs, some with leaves caught in their webs, some of which (the webs) were yellow with pollen. Beyond that were monkeys and on the ground were some rather large lizards, about the size of those rubber alligators we used to get as kids... Farm animals we saw were horses, cows, ducks, chickens, roosters and guinea hens. The latter are kept around because they catch scorpions, I was told." Then Tom ate in an unbelievably large kitchen. Like, bigger than a whole restaurant! See you next time! PS: The illustration has nothing to do with this "post." I was searching for an image of a scorpion and for some reason that only the "internet" knows it popped up and it's much nicer than a scorpion, isn't it?