Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ecclesiastes, Sandwiches

Once again I must thank for a most pleasant diversion. Now, I arrogantly believed I had contributed a little something to the "blog" literature - or "bliterature" as we like to call it - on sandwiches. I have been proven wrong. A "link" on led me to a sandwich "web" site called "Unbreaded" (which, come to think of it, is a weird name for a "blog" about sandwiches), and in particular a "post" in which the question "Is a burrito a sandwich?" is considered. To be even more particular, I was drawn to the vigorous comments section, where some people go so far as to claim that hamburgers and hot dogs are not sandwiches (!) and that pizza is an "open-faced sandwich" (!!). The gentleman who makes the latter claim runs his own "web" site called "Simply Sandwiches," which he sees as the unacknowledged progenitor of "Unbreaded," pointing out a "post" of his from 2007 in which the exact nature of sandwiches is discussed. I take no sides. I merely point out what Solomon said about the "internet" in Ecclesiastes... that there is nothing new on it (except for the time I was the first person to put a photo of the Foster Brooks robot on the "internet" and the person who coined the phrase "C-Spandemonium" to describe the excitement of watching C-SPAN). But that doesn't mean that people are copying you! It just means there's not much to say about anything and the "internet" has given all of us so much room to say it. (Pictured, wise King Solomon.)