Friday, March 27, 2009

Oatmeal Tips

I never thought this beautiful day would come. We are at this moment able to combine two of the "blog's" most important pillars - oatmeal and McNeil - with an unprecedented special edition of our popular regular feature "Oatmeal Tips." That's right, today's oatmeal tip comes from McNeil himself, who writes, "new kind of's chopped, not rolled like the typical oatmeal I'm used to, so it kind of has the texture of small pine nuts. Cook it for a while, maybe 20-30 minutes. I put butter and sugar on it, just like I do the regular stuff. Then I eat it, just like I do the regular brand. It's hearty stuff. I hope you don't mind me speakin' plain here. Choose Country Choice Organic Irish Style Oats (Steel Cut) if you want a hearty breakfast that lowers your choloesterol and helps you speak plain talk to the people all at the same time." Be like McNeil! Send YOUR oatmeal tip to "Oatmeal Tips" c/o "Writer" Oxford, MS 38655. (Pictured, John Oates.)