Monday, March 30, 2009

Oxen Spark Memory, Lead to Discovery

All that talk about the mighty musk ox made me remember that back in the 1970s there was a popular cologne called "Musk" that had a little musk ox on the bottle. So I thought I would find the bottle on the "internet" and show it to you here at the "blog." But in the course of my search I found something more interesting, I think. Did you know you can order really old perfume from the "internet"? And that supposedly you can daub yourself with really old perfume and go out for a night on the town? I had never considered either possibility. Every day you show me something new, "internet." Or maybe I am the last to know. Here, for example, is a bottle of perfume from the 1940s you can order through the "internet." And according to the product description on the "web" site, and I quote, "Though the label is torn and stained and the cap is stained it still smells wonderful!" This is one of those things I cannot endorse - let me make that clear! - but here is the "web" site in case you need some really old perfume.