Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chew On Some Nicolas of Cusa

My newest discovery will no doubt alarm, thrill, and delight you: I am not the only person with a "blogspot" "blog" who "blogged" about the final scene of THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN today. TODAY, I said! Have you fainted yet? This guy ("click" here) finds a connection between that scene and Keats's idea of "negative capability," whereas (as you no doubt remember) I was going for a whole Nicolas of Cusa vibe, further cementing my relationship with the young people of today. Hey, here's some Nicolas of Cusa to chew on: "God is neither nothing nor not nothing, nor is God both nothing and not nothing, but God is the source and origin of all beginnings of being and not-being." And then one or two sentences later he says that God is NOT the source of the beginnings of being and not-being, and then he says, "I was speaking the truth when I said it, and I am speaking the truth now, when I deny it." Yeah! How's your mind now? Blown perhaps?