Friday, January 30, 2009

Meerschaum & Bakelite

I am aware that we have stopped reporting on cigarette holders for all practical purposes. But tonight on the balcony of City Grocery, the guy who runs Faulkner's house was observed smoking a cigarette through a meerschaum and bakelite cigarette holder. Not only that, but he had two extra meerschaum and bakelite cigarette holders in his pocket. When asked why he carries three cigarette holders, he responded, "I don't know." Anyway, out of all the cigarette holders enumerated on the "blog," this is the first time we have witnessed one in the possession of a friend. He likes to clench one in his teeth as he rides around on his riding lawnmower, he said. (Hey, while I was "Googling" around for an image of unprocessed meerschaum in its natural state, I came upon this "link" to a corncob pipe factory - that's "" They don't use meerschaum, the idea being [as you will see in the HISTORY section] that an old-fashioned corncob is good enough and worthy of the name "Missouri meerschaum." A corncob pipe factory! What will the "internet" think of next?)