Saturday, January 17, 2009

Once Again Hypocritical Whining Proves Ineffectual

... but that doesn't mean I intend to give up on it as a way of life. When will I learn? Remember how I used to whine and complain about "myspace" all the time and I grunted and groaned as I joined and finally I made peace with it and learned how to have a good time? Well, by the time all that happened, nobody cared about myspace anymore and everyone had fallen in love with "facebook," which I pooh-poohed in curmudgeonly terms. I tried joining it for about a week under extreme pressure, but found that it was all over my head and everyone else seemed to be in on some sort of vast inside joke or conspiracy the mysteries of which I could not penetrate, due to my advanced hardening of the arteries. So why am I bringing it up? Someone contacted me via "myspace" today to let me know that there is a "facebook" "group" called "Jack Pendarvis is *******" (of which, let me emphasize, I was entirely unaware). I omit the final word because 1) is it embarrassing and 2) it is the title of the novel I have sworn never to bore you with again. But I'm just letting you know I was forced to "reactivate" my "facebook" account so I can keep my eye on these much appreciated yet feared "Jack Pendarvis Is *******" people with their strange and inexplicable taste in entertainment. Hmm. I see that my sister is a member, so I'm sure it's aboveboard. But still. Odd that she didn't tell me. Oh "facebook," you fill me with righteous dread!