Saturday, January 03, 2009

Please Don't Say Pegacorn

Remember the most recent thing I said might not be true because I found it on wikipedia? I'm going to go with "not true." Also, I found this "web" page about it, from a site where you apparently go to make up things that aren't true. Here's a picture from that page. As you can see, this "pterippus" has fire coming out of both ends. I know just how he feels! Hey, did you know if you drink milk out of one of these animals, you will be "turned into a half-horse creature, like a centaur or a minotaur-like horsic chimera. Then the pterippi will celebrate that their beloved person now is partially a horse"? That's what it says on the "internet"! Elsewhere on the "internet," someone asks, "If a unicorn is a horse with a horn, and a pegasus is a horse with wings, what is the name of a horse with a horn and wings?" And then she adds, "Please don't say pegacorn or unisus. I know there's an actual term for it." And someone else comes along and says, "A Unicorn with wings is called a Pterippus. Alicorn is the name of the horn upon the head of a unicorn." Hope this clears everything up! Seems like we're all being taken for a ride... on a magical flying horse, that is! Climb aboard! Wheeeeeee!