Thursday, January 08, 2009

Know Your Monkey

This "post" is dedicated to my sister and her powerful aversion to pigeons. I wonder if the amount of words it will take me to explain how I came to this picture will be worth it. But that's the great thing about "blogs"... you can use as many words as you want (because the "internet" is infinite, isn't it?) and they don't have to make "sense" (because it's a "blog")! Yesterday I "clicked" on a "link" at the Elegant Variation and was sent to a funny article, which I forwarded to Phil. Phil, in turn, "clicked" on some more "links" (using the article I sent him as his "launching pad") and found another funny article, by the Village Voice columnist Alan Scherstuhl, who reviews forgotten, often self-published books he finds moldering in thrift store bargain bins and such. "Click" here for his column on ENJOY YOUR PIGEONS, sent to me by Phil in the manner and through the complex channels described above. That's where I got the illustration that will probably cause my sister to leave work early, feeling poorly. Sorry! Plus, it features the kind of sentence we have long appreciated on the "blog" as its caption: "A pretty sight; however, the practice of feeding street pigeons from your mouth is not recommended." And as a bonus, there is an ad for the other books in the series (see below), including one you know I want with all my heart: KNOW YOUR MONKEY.