Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When McNeil Hands You Lemons

"I clicked on an ad on the Yahoo! page," writes McNeil, "because it had a pic of a lemon on it and that reminded me of the drunk monkeys in the post about the drunk monkeys." McNeil goes on to quote directly from the ad: "2-Day Migraine Cured in Minutes... BY LEMON RIND?! Works! Thousands saw it on TV! 'We were appearing on a TV program,' the Wilen Sisters told me. 'The show host told us he'd been suffering from a huge headache for 2 entire days. Right on the air, he implored us to help him out. Well, he asked for it! We rubbed some lemon rind on his temples, then tied a cloth on his head...'" It goes on like that. McNeil believes it confirms what Darwin said about monkey hangovers in that "post" from the other day. "Your 'blog' is on the cutting edge of science!" raves McNeil.