Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Clicking" On "Links"

One fun thing about the "internet" is that you may "click" on a "link" that will lead you to another "link" and so on. Just such a thing recently happened to me. I decided to check the web site of Amanda Stern, and a few "clicks" later I was reading a story by Donald Barthelme... on the "internet"! Never in my wildest dreams did I believe such a thing was possible. It took only a few more "clicks" to find an article in Harper's magazine, linking Mr. Barthelme to the whole "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" conspiracy that inspired R.E.M. and frightened Dan Rather. Another "click" or two, and I learned that frequent "blog" contributor Tom Bissell interviews Werner Herzog in the new issue of Harper's! I was not able to "link" to the interview but I think that is plenty of "linking" for one day.