Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ex-Boss Emerges From Shadows

The "blog" has done it again. In the frozen expanses of Nova Scotia, the warm fingers of the "blog" reach shadowy figures from the past. Yes, my ex-boss Lisa emailed Theresa - all the way from Nova Scotia - with a suggestion for Theresa's upcoming class entitled "The Woman On the Scaffold." She learned about it from the "blog"! Lisa suggests a section on Mary Surratt, who was hung on charges of participating in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. An excellent call on Lisa's part, we believe. Lisa was always known around the office for her expertise on several subjects - among them: Lincoln; Star Trek; the crime scene photographer Weegee (Weegee was also, by the way, the subject of a tone poem composed and performed by Hubcap City); circus sideshow culture; Danny Kaye; and "blog" favorite Bob Hope... just to name a few. In fact, Lisa met both Bob Hope and Danny Kaye, so perhaps we will have some stories from her on those subjects, if she maintains contact with the "blog." Perhaps we will even get some "dirt" on her former flunky, Phil Oppenheim. Lisa was also, for a time, a personal assistant to America's favorite singing cowboy Gene Autry. Who knows what future revelations the "blog" will bring? I mean look at Danny Kaye (left) with that cigarette holder. He is the second comedian we have pictured with a cigarette holder. Talk about classy! The "blog" is an ever evolving mystery... even to itself.