Friday, December 01, 2006

Wotta Nightmare

Just casting my jaundiced eye over this "page" (which will change with the morrow, for such is the nature of... oh Lord, it's going to be one of those "philosophical" "posts")... I see Aquaman, Pat Garrett, Patty Hearst, the Hair Bear Bunch and so many other friendly faces and I think, well, what is wrong with me? What is "blogging"? And I think a lot of other deep things too. But right now I have to wrap up this Jeep business that has been occupying so many of my waking hours... you can understand why, right? And my old lunch box? That's a good thing to brood about, isn't it? In any case, Barry B. sends an instructive missive that lays to rest many of the questions that have been troubling me, and indeed the nation at large in these perilous times: "The Jeep," Barry writes, "was only in a couple of the Fleischer cartoons, both short and black-and-white. And the cartoons were about him, so he was in them the whole time. There is one move the Jeep made in the Fleischer cartoons that I loved: he would be standing upright and spinning around in a circle, but his head would be turning in one direction and his body in another..." In a separate telegram, Barry adds: "He [the Jeep] had a cameo in 'Wotta Nightmare,' the Popeye-having-a-trippy-nightmare-cartoon, but maybe he was just a cloud formation or just popped in real fast or something like that..." Finally, I will conclude by saying that I have found another "blogger" on the "internet" who recalls the full-color Popeye cartoons I was talking about, and they were made in the 1930s, just as I thought. I include a lovely portrait of Olive Oyl from 1936's "Sinbad the Sailor" and with that I say goodbye to the "blog" of yore and begin my new era of only "blogging" about classy things befitting a middle-aged man. I don't know, politics or something. Not that, but something. Samuel Beckett?