Monday, June 02, 2008

Bo Diddley!

Bo Diddley died! I was just thinking of him this morning, no kidding! I was thinking how great he was and I played some of his songs while I was drinking coffee. This very morning, I said! I had no idea he died! He was on my mind. Yes, he was just making me feel fine earlier today with his music. A CD of his I particularly like is called RARE AND WELL DONE. There are some wild things on there, wild and exciting things. Acquaint or reacquaint yourself with Bo Diddley! The "blog" commands it. We feel you will be surprised and amazed and comforted. My friend Eugene used to call W. C. Fields "the great surrealist poet," and I might say the same about Bo Diddley. For a brief time I used part of his big hit "Who Do You Love?" as one of multiple epigraphs for AWESOME. Let me lay it on you and you will see what I mean: "I walk 47 miles of barbed wire, I wear a cobra snake for a necktie, I got a brand new house on the roadside, made out of rattlesnake hide."