Sunday, June 15, 2008

James Whorton, Jr.'s C-Spandemonium!

Welcome once again to "James Whorton Jr.'s C-Spandemonium!" Usually in our present circumstance (James Whorton, Jr. having nothing to do with the "post") we just call it "C-Spandemonium!" but we have decided that the former is the more appealing name and we are going to keep it full time, all the time, no matter what, in honor of, yes, in honor of James Whorton, Jr. as our model for attentive C-Span viewing. So, yesterday I was watching C-Span and I heard a guy pronounce "Thucydides." Boy have I been saying it wrong! This has been "James Whorton, Jr.'s C-Spandemonium!"