Friday, June 27, 2008

For Real

Here is something of little or no interest to anyone! Enjoy! Remember the other day, how I said that the real-life story of Nedra Harrison would strike people as too outlandish to believe? Well, in today's New York Times, A.O. Scott (to whom the "blog" is eternally grateful for tossing a kind word to Jerry Lewis in his review of an Adam Sandler film) uses the following to represent the ne plus ultra of ridiculous, impossible plotting and characterization: "If 'Wall-E' were a romantic comedy, it would be about a humble garbageman who falls for a supermodel who also happens to be a top scientist with a knack for marksmanship. (I’m pretty sure I reviewed that a while back, but the title escapes me.)" Well, A.O. Scott, that's Nedra Harrison! She's FOR REAL. I call dibs on the screenplay. As I have mentioned, the "internet" is strangely bereft of Nedra Harrison (until now!). But McNeil has found that if you do a "Google Book Search" you can read about and see her in a book called FIXING THE MOON. Thanks, McNeil!