Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Squarely In the "Do"

To be fair, while there are no matches for "There's something you do see every day," there are three "google" matches for "There's something you see every day" and to be fair I ought to check to see if anyone misspelled the phrase using the adjective "everyday," but I think we all agree that "there's something you see every day" is weighted a bit differently, whereas the nexus of the former phrase lies squarely in the "do." The "do" is what gives it that Oscar Wildey oppositey feel. You know what? It isn't even amusing anymore. I've now officially bored myself into an everlasting torpor. First the word "being" and now the word "do." This is why people shouldn't talk about anything. I'm ashamed to "post" a photo of the epigrammatical Oscar (to whom I've more or less spent three "posts" brazenly and pathetically comparing myself [!!!]) next to such ramblings! Yet here we are.