Sunday, June 29, 2008


Our "internet" friend at "She Blogged By Night" has sent a "link" to some pictures of Nedra Harrison. But before you "click" on this "link" I just want you to know that McNeil sent a similar - almost exactly similar - "link" previously, from which the pictures have now vanished, no kidding. So, if you "click" and do not see Ms. Harrison, don't be alarmed! As mentioned in our previous "post," she was not one to flaunt herself. She is the rare person whose image does not seem to "stick" to the "internet." Speaking of "She Blogged By Night," "She Blogged By Night" has put up an interesting TCM viewing tip, one which we intend to take. ("Click" here to read it for yourself.) It is far enough in advance to remind us of McNeil's premature touting of BOEING, BOEING. Remember that? Ah, those were the days. Wheeeee! Maybe Nedra Harrison was onto something. P.S.: I have taken the advice of "She Blogged By Night" and not read past the first three paragraphs of her movie recommendation, containing as it does many, many "spoilers." Finally, speaking of "spoilers," I will say that AWESOME has received several nice reviews lately, and no bad ones that I know of besides Publishers Weekly (which still thinks I am a "Young Adult" author [!!!!!!] though I have sent them many friendly emails explaining that I am not; this misconception is bad for me, but especially bad for any unsuspecting "young adults" who pick up my unreasonably profane work), but I have kept my promise not to tell you about them. I do need to mention that one extremely nice review - I'm not complaining! - tells the ENTIRE PLOT of the book, including some surprises at the end and indeed the paraphrased contents of the final paragraph. A very nice review, don't get me wrong! But if you are reading a review of AWESOME one day and you begin to think, "Hey, this seems like the whole plot," you are right! So if you intend to buy the book (ha ha!) stop reading. Unless you don't care. It's not much of a plot.