Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Blog"trospective 4: The Moon

The most recent "blog"trospective, the one about movies, is getting lengthier and more complex all the time, and, like a rare and beauteous orchid, requires constant tender attention. I was wondering: what subject is grand enough to warrant a new "blog"trospective, yet seldom enough remarked upon here to cause me very little effort ever again? Then, naturally, I thought of the moon, which is big and enjoyable and full of romance. But if we go for a while without mentioning it, nobody minds. Just today, however, I was looking at some footage of the moon landing and thinking, "What if the landing is real (which it is, of course) but the FOOTAGE is fake? Would that be so terrible? Maybe the government was proud of landing on the moon but knew no one would believe it without visual 'proof.'" I am sure even the most halfhearted search of the "internet" would turn up someone who has already thought of this, and believes it, too. With that, I give you our newest "blog"trospective: MOON, THE: Abbott, Megan; drinks the shine of on at least two occasions---Aldrin, Buzz, attitude of after return from---art on---astral voyages to---beings who live there afraid of their own farts---bloodied by the last traces of a storm---blue, in eye---book about landing on remains concerned with NASA vending machine choices---Burton, Robert; believes in life on---Carson, Jack, face of looms like---chili burgers offered at site of rocket launch to---coconut beams of---commercial for moon food---compared to "a mouth that is kissed"---crescent---daze inspired by---DELRAY'S NEW MOON---deposited on Earth via beam of---down---down at the end of the boulevard---dude falls in love with---eclipse signals the death of Jerry Lewis---explodes---eye floats up and fits perfectly into, an---THE FIRST MEN IN THE MOON by H.G. Wells---fist fight on---fixing of---gardens peaceful and sweet-scented in light of---Gleason, Jackie and---golf club used on---guarantees the fertilizing act---Howorth, Lisa; texts about blue---humorously titled "post" involving---in August---interesting information about---Kennedy's famous "let's go to" speech---landing discussed on the Gem Shopping Network---landing real; footage of landing fake---Lewis, Jerry, gets hypothetical ant in boot on---like a hot cannon-ball---lovers meet beneath light of---Lunaire, Pierrot---Mailer, Norman; writes about---"man in the moon" costume from Lyly's ENDYMION---Martian version, a---milking of---Moon, Keith---Moon, Keith; drum kit of blows up---Moon Knight, gigantic black-and-white compilation of---Moon Woman---mooning around---MOONRISE KINGDOM---non-stop multi-colored trip to---not a planet---on a book cover---on a mural behind Shirley MacLaine---owls appear in Mailer's book on---personified by an art student---rise of---role of engineers using slide rules in exploration of---shining through leaded windows---SHOOT THE MOONLIGHT OUT by William Boyle---silver apples of---Stevens, Connie, shouts at---stories from blue cafe of---strawberry moonshine---tiny little sharp crescent ones thrown by Knight of---unicorns gazing at---used to illustrate "post" about Doyle from GILMORE GIRLS---vestal livery of---wakefulness of---Whorton, James, Jr., believes people might be living on---">wolf beholds---wonder expressed by resemblance to---writers can't get enough.