Wednesday, June 25, 2008

McNeil's Gold Medal International Emergency Exit Double Aquaman Theatre

As careful readers will observe, today's MGMIEET is actually a MGMIEEDAT, with the inclusion of two clips featuring the hero of our favorite Aquaman "blog," which is, it should come as no surprise, none other than the eponymous Aquaman himself. I have presented one of these clips in the "embedded" format disdained by McNeil (above) and another in McNeil's preferred "what's behind that door" format. Which is better? Judge for yourself! Why Aquaman? Why now? We would have to ask McNeil. And we don't want to do that. It might spoil the magic. (Remember what Jasper Johns said!) Finally, a word of caution. Just because we have had two presentations in a row, don't think that MGMIEET will ever become a daily feature again. That's just what McNeil wants you to think! It's what I've thought before. And then I got hurt.