Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Prescient Fruit Fly Denouncement

Above all other bugs and insects and what-have-you, I find fruit flies strangely irritating. I am reminded of a poem by Yeats (pictured). Never mind which one! It's none of your business! And anyway, that poem is too easy on flies. Not that we have fruit flies, mind you. But over on the counter lie a couple of bananas that look fairly "ropey" - to use Sally Timms's term - and you never know when fruit flies will strike! We should eat those bananas or get rid of them, that's my assessment. PS. Here's what my "internet" dictionary says about "ropey," in case you are curious: "2 Brit., informal poor in quality or health; inferior : a portrait by a pretty ropy artist." It also says that "ropey" is a variant spelling of "ropy." I apologize for quoting from an "internet" dictionary - it seems base, somehow - but at this juncture I do not have access to my faithful old dictionary of yore. Don't worry, I know where it is! Yet I cannot lay my hands on it at this moment. Thank you for your time and attention. If this is your first experience of a "blog," I have given you a pretty good idea of what a "blog" is. I didn't mean to, but I did! And now I go away forever to think about all the terrible things I have done.