Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cloud Update: What's New In the World of Clouds

Hey, remember when I told you (thanks to the NBIL) about the guy who wants to make clouds in the shape of advertising logos? Well, I recently read a funny article by George Saunders in a British newspaper ("click" here to read it for yourself) that made me think, "George Saunders would enjoy knowing about the cloud logo guy!" So I emailed that old "link" to "George Saunders." But when I was checking out the old "post" afterward, I noticed that the "link" to the cloud logo guy article didn't work anymore! So here is a new "link" about the cloud logo guy. Looking at all this with fresh eyes, I notice that his "clouds" are 4 feet wide. Now, I'm no cloud expert - I don't even know what makes the wind blow, though McNeil tried to explain it to me once - but 4 feet: does that really count as a cloud? Wouldn't that be technically, I don't know, a puff of smoke? I like the part of the article where he says, "It's a shock factor when you look up and there's a logo over your head."