Friday, June 06, 2008

Your Daily "Wake Up" Call

Every day (every page, really) I find something I would like to quote to you from WAKE UP, SIR! by Jonathan Ames. My only choice, really, is to turn this impulse into a daily "blog" feature (as MGMIEET was meant to be), entitled, with my characteristic jollity, "Your Daily 'Wake Up' Call" - a title hearkening back to our short-lived and much-missed prophetic column "Your Daily Future." For today's quotation from WAKE UP, SIR! I almost selected the narrator's assessment of Peter O'Toole's nose. But a few pages later, I found this: "My desires were a mixture of the violent and the infantile. In other words I was feeling quite manly." Thank you. This has been "Your Daily 'Wake Up' Call."