Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Dinner With D-Day

Theresa and I just enjoyed an amazing dinner at City Grocery - four iterations (deconstructions I would call them if the word didn't make Phil so mad) of roast suckling pig - and who should be dining at the next table but Bruce McGill... Yes, D-Day from ANIMAL HOUSE! Awesome! We sent a glass of port to his table after dinner - you know, to thank him for being D-DAY FROM ANIMAL HOUSE! He came over and expressed his gratitude in the most gentlemanly and gracious manner imaginable... said how much he liked our town, particularly the "apricot-colored bookstore" (by which he meant Square Books). Anyway, we talked to D-Day! D-DAY FROM ANIMAL HOUSE!!! AWESOME!!!!!! (We didn't have, as the title suggests, "Dinner With D-Day," but that is a humorous reference to the film MY DINNER WITH ANDRE. You're welcome!)