Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Haddock Actually

I suppose you are wondering why I have stopped offering daily quotations from WAKE UP, SIR! by Jonathan Ames. Well, it is because I finished the book, and once the book is over there are no more quotations, which is just one of the many sad things about reading books. But I feel bad about not quoting things to you. So here is something from TAKE A GIRL LIKE YOU by Kingsley Amis. The main character, Jenny Bunn, has just moved into a boarding house. She has been served some fish for dinner. And now I turn things over to Kingsley Amis: "The fish was probably haddock, with a horny, pimply skin. There were a lot of potatoes, with some unexpected colours to be seen among them here and there. They were steaming briskly. So was the fish." Later, on the next page, after the meal has gone on for some time, we get this: "She looked down at her plate. On it was a lot of fish, haddock actually, almost as much as had been there when she began. In fact - although this could not be right - there seemed to be slightly more. She had at last identified the taste of it as that of the lionhouse at Southport Zoo, where she had once gone with her parents and been sick over somebody else's coat." There. I found that to be "quotable." Okay! No more quotations. I am going back to my good old policy of not boring you to death with "what I'm reading."