Friday, June 06, 2008

Jerry Enshrinement/Panda Alert

Today the New York Times makes another appreciative gesture toward "blog" hero Jerry Lewis: A.O. Scott refers to "the great Jerry Lewis himself" and pegs him as a forefather - as the "blog" once did - of Adam Sandler. In other movie news from the New York Times, KUNG FU PANDA, directed by "Blog" Buddy Mark Osborne and someone named John Stevenson (no "blog" affiliation but I'm sure he is a nice person and did his share of the work!), receives the coveted "NYT Critics' Pick" designation. Manohla Dargis (who once gave Jerry props in a NY Times review of BABY MAMA) writes of KUNG FU PANDA's "beauty and pictorial wit here from opening to end credits... feeling for the art and for the freedom of animation..." I know how hard Mark worked on it! For years and years! The least you can do is go out and see it this weekend!