Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Longer and More Durable Piece of Wire Comes Into the Picture

I just found one of the cats playing with a longer and more durable piece of wire than the one with which I have previously repaired my eyeglasses. This is the same cat who was once so fond of playing with rubber bands, though she seems to have grown bored with that pursuit over the years. In any case, I took the appearance of this new wire - and the cat's emphasizing of said wire - as a sign! The new wire is blatant, garish, and gaudy. It is also unsightly in its application. But I believe it has fixed my glasses in a way that is unlikely to reverse itself. The advantage of the former piece of wire was its relative aesthetic subtlety, though it ultimately failed me on a utilitarian level. I still feel some loyalty to the little wire that (briefly) could. I have put it away for safekeeping. It looks like a little nondescript piece of wire with which a mastermind would pick a lock in some cool movie about lock-picking masterminds. Maybe it will come in handy someday!