Tuesday, December 05, 2006

McNeil's Movie Korner

Jeff McNeil writes in to recommend the film ALL FALL DOWN to everyone within "blogging" distance. He contends that Brandon deWilde "plays the same role he did in HUD. I mean exactly the same - I think he had some of the same lines, even. It's a great movie, though." So runs Mr. McNeil's analysis. We at the "blog" have not seen ALL FALL DOWN, but the title has a classy ring to it. Therefore, in keeping with our new policies of dignity and decorum, we're going to endorse it on Mr. McNeil's good word alone - another move that reeks of class, by the way. Mr. McNeil was kind enough to include with his recommendation a suggested title for this "post": "All 'Blog' Down." As you can see, we passed. We feel that by spelling corner with a K, we have added a much needed touch of whimsy to all of our wretched lives.