Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Oh, before I go I just want to remind everyone to hurry and get your tickets for the more or less traditional Christmas pantomime they're putting on at The Hideout in Chicago. What's a Christmas pantomime? It's something British people do! I helped a little with the script, and I'm still not sure. The occasional double entendre is called for, apparently. And they call it "panto" for short! So that's something I learned. By the time rehearsals are done, it may well be that none of my poor, baffled contribution will remain - but Jon Langford and Sally Timms (pictured) are putting on the show, and it's chock full of pirates and mermaids, so you know it's going to rock in any case. Why not try something different for a change for God's sake? Now wait right here at the "blog" and I'll be back in a few days. PS to Jon: I forgot to use the word "blowhole" in my scene. Please squeeze it in somewhere, thanks!