Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Some "Blogs" Are Good!

Hey, you know, sometimes I poke fun at the idea of "blogging." But that's only because I'm a crusty old sad sack! Still, I want you to remember that some "blogs" are good. But my true belief is that the good ones, such as The Emerging Writers Network (the one I am "linking" to right now), aren't really "blogs" anymore. Fancy things happen when you "click" on stuff, for example! And the colors are too nice. Let's think up a new word! I mean, this guy Dan Wickett NEVER talks about what he thought of last night's GILMORE GIRLS episode! And he hardly ever uses any exclamation points! Now how can you stand there and call that a "blog"? (By the way, I thought last night's episode was a real return to form. And the use of karaoke was deft. In even the most high-budget TV series, including those on premium cable, you will find that the producers scrimp when it comes to scenes involving karaoke. Music licensing is expensive! Listen closely, and you will see that most of the time they have people singing "Red River Valley" or "Polly Wolly Doodle" or some other random scrap from the public domain. Not so for the Gilmore Girls! Each song selection furthered the plot AND was something a person would actually sing at a karaoke bar. Yes, I believe the long, painful "blog" moratorium on the Gilmore Girls has come to an end. I couldn't stay mad at them forever!) What was I saying? See? This is what most "blogs" are like. This is what most of EVERYTHING is like! I'm sorry! Perhaps the things I fear and mock ARE THE VERY TRAITS I SEE IN MYSELF! Mommy!